How to Set Up a Book Pre-Order Campaign

I love my job. Talking about books sometimes takes me to interesting places… like picturesque Ashland, Oregon, for instance. On a recent trip, the topic of generating pre-orders for new book releases came up over lunch. Here is how the conversation developed… Ashland sits in the heart of the up-and-coming wine country of Southern Oregon, […]

The Golden Egg: Book Marketing and the Power of a PR Campaign

  The journey to a best-selling book often hinges on your skill working with a PR, or public relations firm. The author’s path to fame and glory is strewn with brilliant ideas and wild goose chases. So many book promotion plans sound good on paper but turn out to be ineffectual. There are authors who […]

Getting a Traditional Publishing Contract for Your Book

For many writers, the labyrinth of details involved in book publishing are as mysterious as the secrets of the ancient pyramids – and seemingly just as impenetrable! But it’s really no mystery, just a lot of common sense and hard work. Let’s break it down. Legacy publishing, or what many people call traditional publishing, is […]