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What If Your Customers Ran Your Business?

Today’s customers have an increasingly wide range of options. Some firms and pundits are referring to them as “empowered” customers, but that suggests organizations should “grant” power or offer concessions to customers. Today’s customers are instead liberating themselves as they’re enabled by external forces such as technology, global communication and networks, and industry disrupters. The situation […]

The Top 7 Challenges (and Opportunities) in Customer Advocacy and Engagement

Based on our research, these are the top challenges–most of which also present significant opportunities–for customer advocacy and engagement programs. I say “opportunities” because that’s how leading firms are responding to many of these challenges. We’ll be addressing all of these challenges, in one form or another–and in some cases, multiple times–at the 2017 Summit […]

The Secret: How To Convert a Skeptical CMO Into an Evangelist

So you’ve got a new CMO. It’s time to present your program to him, which you start doing in the usual way, running through your program PPT deck. You show him all the cool things your customer advocacy program has accomplished, and what you’re planning for the future. And at some point you realize, the […]

B2B Marketing’s Huge Chasm With Customers

  from my LinkedIn articles The evidence is overwhelming that prospects want to hear from their peers before deciding to buy. That’s equally true for business buyers as well as consumers. In its 2015 survey of more than 1,000 B2B buyers, for example, SiriusDecisions confirmed that buyers are most influenced by customer experience–and if they’re […]