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To Prospect or Not to Prospect? That is the question!

Salespeople are in a quandary. During this crisis, should they be proactively prospecting? Answer: It depends! Is your product or service considered to be a First Responder? When the house is on fire, the first responder runs to help. Some products/services are entirely appropriate to proactively promote, for example, medical supplies and testing, technical solutions, […]

What does it mean to be accountable?

Many people think that being held accountable is all about consequences. Accountability is not about consequences.  It is about ownership.  Accountability is a character trait, a life stance, a willingness to own your actions and results regardless of the circumstances. Accountability is “choosing to” not “having to.” “I have to prospect today.”  or “I choose […]

What if prospecting can be easier than you think?

Sales Call Reluctance is an emotional hesitation to prospect and self promote.  People who experience Call Reluctance perceive prospecting as an emotional threat. To overcome Sales Call Reluctance requires “Thought Realignment,” or changing your internal conversation around prospecting.  Ask yourself “What if” questions, for example, “What if you had an unlimited supply of ideal prospects?”  […]

How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance

Sales Call Reluctance is the emotional hesitation to prospect and promote. It is an invisible self-protective barrier that keeps salespeople from earning what they are worth. There are 16 types of Sales Call Reluctance. Telephobia (fear of telephone prospecting) is one of the easiest to overcome! Two Americans won a Nobel prize about their research […]

When NOT prospecting becomes more painful than prospecting

There comes a time, when all salespeople emotionally reconcile to the fact that their fate is in the hands of their prospecting activity. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like it is too late.  The habit of procrastination and the negativity has built up so much that it is hard to shift your self-image when it comes to successful prospecting. However, […]

What do warm hands have to do with prospecting success?

  Did you know when your hands are warm, it literally tricks your brain into being calm? Call reluctance, the emotional hesitation to prospect, causes blood to be rerouted from your extremities to your vital organs. This is the body’s reaction to protect the vital organs from perceived harm. That is why your hands tend to turn […]

What is Profitable Prospecting Mindset?

Sales Call Reluctance is the emotional hesitation to prospect and self-promote.  It is a fear that salespeople experience when it is time to proactively initiate contact with potential buyers.  Fear is a mental response to a perceived threat. An average salesperson needs to have at least 10-12 appointments a week in order to achieve their […]

Why Engineers Can Make the Best Salespeople

  Seriously!  How many people think that salespeople need to be outgoing, gregarious talkers?  Well, read this article, and you may decide to modify your perspective.  This article by Maura Schreier-Fleming is thought provoking and highly encouraging to salespeople who have engineering degrees and backgrounds. Also hiring managers:  Take notice! http://www.bestatselling.com/engineers-can-make-best-salespeople/   The post Why […]