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3 Problems with Innovation Metrics

It’s been said that “experience” is a wonderful thing. It allows you to recognize your mistakes when you make them again.  Metrics can be like that, especially when applied to innovation. Informative, but not so helpful. That’s because innovation metrics often suffer from Why, When and What problems. The “Why” problem: One of the most popular innovation metrics is […]

The Magic of Market Segmentation

It’s always a good idea to reinforce the basics. The best of the best, in every craft, maintain a focus on fundamentals. Consider that the great Tiger Woods continues to perfect his golf swing, even as he approaches the end of his career. For innovation, few concepts are as fundamental as market segmentation. In this […]

Boosting Innovation… In One Easy Lesson

Is innovation a hot topic at your company? Lots of theories on why there’s not enough of it? Less hard data on how to get more of it? Welcome to some facts: In its massive study, “The Global Innovation 1000,” Booz Allen Hamilton studied 84% of the planet’s corporate R&D spending.* It identified several distinct […]