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Gaining an Audience: The Role of People in Content Marketing and Social Media

Creating a social media presence for your business takes more than just time. It also takes empathy and connection. The process itself is simple: the latest social sharing tools make posting easy for busy sales and marketing professionals. Consistent social media posts are the fastest way to build an audience– but only when done correctly. […]

How to Write Effective Content For Social Media Sharing

The world is changing. Let’s talk about it. Writing effective long-form social media posts used to be simple (enough). It had to address the reason that more people weren’t paying attention to your product, and find the solution. But now, talking to your potential buyers about your product isn’t enough. You need to talk about […]

Making the Most of Content Marketing

We’re all overwhelmed right now. In these stressful, overwhelming times, what do people want to see on social media?  As with everything, there isn’t exactly a simple answer. Sometimes people are looking to ‘snack’ on content and other times they want a nutritious meal. Sometimes long-form is the answer, and sometimes a quick and clever […]

Collecting E-Mails From Campaigns? Great! How About Your Engagement Rates?

Content marketing is a powerful way to generate inbound leads. In fact, almost 90% of all B2B marketers are using content to drive activity according to the Content Marketing Institute—with a majority searching for leads! But in the same breath marketers bemoan the effectiveness of their efforts. Only 37% of the same marketers polled, believe […]