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By Steve Weinberg Salespeople, unfortunately, often treat their buyers as one monolithic group of people. We prepare marketing material and messages that are often identical and utilize them across the universe of buyers, sometimes only varying them by vertical market or by season. And, of course, buyers are not all the same. They work at […]

Maximize on Sales Rejections 

Turning rejection into a future close is possible, but tough.  Here’s a common scenario: Your company/firm identified a prospect through business development and marketing tactics, you then completed the due diligence on their business and industry, understood their possible needs, and presented an outstanding proposal — only to be rejected in the end. Losing never […]

Sales Forecasting: What History Got Right, and We Get Wrong 

Sales forecasting is the bane of every sales leader’s existence. Yet, why, in the annals of sales history, was it not the source of consternation that it is across business-to-business selling organizations today? It all starts with Alec Baldwin’s character, “Blake,” from the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross.” In the movie, he outlined “A-I-D-A” — Attention, Interest, Decision, Action — as the four […]

To Succeed in Sales, Align with Your Calling 

Most people sell from their mind instead of their heart. As a result, they’re not able to create an emotionally satisfying experience for their leads and prospects, so they have a very difficult time selling their product or service.  The most common type of sales training focuses on salespeople learning scripts that their company provides. […]