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How To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate?

We spend a ton of money on our website, branding, and social media. Let’s make sure they actually have something to do once they get there. That’s what we’re going to talk about today, increasing your conversion rate. I think our dream as a business owner is that every single person who comes to our […]

Top Digital Marketing Tools You Need To Know About!

Today, I’m going to let you look into my geek closet and I’m going to share with you the best digital marketing tools. Using these tools will help you manage your time more efficiently and boost your productivity. In my years in the industry, I’ve used a lot of tools, I love tools. But today, […]

Quick Steps to Building a Findable Social Media Presence

Every business nowadays has their own Social Media Presence that represents their business online. An online presence gives us a wider opportunity to have effective communication with our target audience or simply our customers.  While there are many social media platforms available, the next big step is how do we create a Social Media presence […]

#3 Best SEO Keyword Tool

  SEO tools definitely make keyword research a lot easier and quicker. That’s why I made this video for you! For those of you out there who are all about being able to find results more efficiently, I want to share the three best SEO tools that I personally use and why they are awesome. […]

Google Alert Tips

How to become a Chief Listening Officer? As a business owner, I know that it’s not easy to sell and market your product or services. We can’t also succeed in these things without listening to what’s really happening outside our business and how our audiences think about the business. Today, we’re going to talk about […]

How To Get Customer Reviews

Have you ever googled a company and you see they have one star and one review, What does that do in your brain? Do you trust them? Are they any good? Or are they working in the basement in their jammies? Today, we’re going to talk about how to get good customer reviews. These days […]

5 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Yelp

1: There’s no such thing as NOT being on Yelp. Remember back in the early days of social media where you had to create an account to get started? When it comes to Yelp, things are a little different. In an ideal world, you’ve already created your own account and claimed your business page. But […]

How to Find Royalty Free Images & Save 10K!

Why Getty Images and Google Images may NOT be the best way to get royalty free images. Problem: How do you REALLY trust and find royalty free images for online use? I had a client in a consulting business who made an innocent mistake, and it cost her an obscene amount of money, time and […]

Social Media Content Calendar

Social Media Content Calendar: What Every Business Needs to Implement to NOT Get Burned Out or Boring. What is a Social Media Calendar? If we can create a 12-month plan ahead of time with blog post ideas, the coordinating tweets and posts, the social process becomes much easier and much more interesting. Machine Gun Style […]

Bad Online Reviews: Yikes! What Should I Do?

Yikes! What Should I Do about a Bad Online Review? Have you ever gotten a bad review online? You sat there frozen wondering what you should do about it. Panic spreads as you are freaked by this scathing new comment. What will prospects and potential new clients think about your company if they read this? […]