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A warning sign for a bad sales job

Anyone who has ever taken a nightmare sales job can, in retrospect, detect some warning signs. But they didn’t pay attention to them. Or, they hoped they were wrong. Or, they were scared to not have a paycheck. Desperation and seduction can easily override good sense. I was in my nightmare sales job for less […]

How To Screw Up a First Sales Meeting Fast

Sometimes just getting that first meeting feels like a major victory! You’ve been dying to work with this company for months and you’re finally on their radar! You can’t wait for the first meeting—and neither can they. You’ve piqued their curiosity and they want to learn more. Except when you actually do talk to that prospect, […]

How I Embarrassed Myself and Botched a Big Sales Opportunity

When I began working in sales, I was on a mission to get up to speed as fast as possible. I read all the sales books, went to seminars and took everything I learned as the gospel truth. One of my biggest sales opportunities at the time was a fast-growing construction firm. I’d already gotten my […]

How to Kick Yourself Out of your Comfort Zone

Recently I did a webinar for sales leaders on “how to kick your reps out of their comfort zone.” Sounds brutal, I know. But it wasn’t. You see, for the past few years I’ve been studying how the brain works and what it means for salespeople. The good news is that our brains are designed to […]