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10 Things that 3 Customer-Centric Brands Get Right

Like any popular business term, “customer centricity” is often abused by businesses that shoehorn it into their core values. Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t cut it. It’s actually better not to claim customer centricity if you can’t get people across your business to really care about your customers. To be customer centric, you need to speak to […]

The Should-How Fallacy (Or Why “Correct” Isn’t “Useful”)

Get a chicken. Cook it until it’s perfectly done. Reduce the jus to a nice pan sauce. Then finish it with some butter until it has the right balance of flavors. Enjoy. This is a useless recipe, but it’s not wrong. It assumes, however, that accurate advice on what you should do is as valuable […]

Skills gap in marketing grows despite companies spending billions per year on training

According to a recent study conducted by CXL Institute, marketing leaders haven’t closed the skills gap—despite spending almost $1,000 per employee and billions annually on training. The study surveyed 462 marketing leaders across a variety of sectors, including travel, publishing, non-profit and ecommerce, who all identified that developing and retaining marketing talent is a common […]

Where Does Pinterest Fit in Your Marketing Mix?

When thinking about organic or paid traffic, Google and Facebook often come to mind. Pinterest, for most, does not. And yet, Pinterest is the third-most popular social network, with over 322 million monthly active users, nearly 50% of whom are in the United States. Some 70% of users are adults between the ages of 30 […]

How to Get Your SEO and PPC Teams on the Same Page

You wouldn’t hire a brain surgeon to treat your heart condition. Different conditions require different specialists. It’s the same for search engine marketing. SEO has a role. PPC has a role. And, like holistic medicine, they work best when tightly integrated.  Easier said than done. Too often, marketers find themselves managing multiple agencies or internal […]