Best Practices in HR
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Reframing Risk-Taking As Opportunity

When you understand how to reframe risk-taking, you’ll stop avoiding risks and start advancing toward your dreams! Think about some risks you’ve avoided in the past.  What were the sticking points that started you down the path of avoidance?  What kinds of excuses or rationalizations did you use to back away from change?  Read through […]

Choose a Name That Backs Your Brand

Love this “Flowered by Howard” sign I spotted in a neighbor’s front yard. The name says it all! As part of my work, I’ve helped name products, book titles, service packages and a couple of companies.  Although it’s likely that your business or the company you work for already has a name, that doesn’t mean […]

Can Being Selfish Be Good for Your Career?

While most of us consider selfishness an unsavory trait, there are times that it’s absolutely critical to watch out for number one. Like in your career!             If you want to stay happy and hopeful in your current position while you pave the way for an even better professional future it’s essential that you learn […]

Surprising Research About Team Communication

While it may seem obvious that teams that communicate effectively are apt to be more successful than ones that don’t, the data tells a far richer story than that. Researchers at MIT’s Human Dynamics Lab conducted multiple studies to see how the most successful teams communicate. What they learned may surprise you. One of their […]

Is Your Head Stuck in the Sand?

We usually hear the term “settling” with regard to romantic relationships. Did you settle for someone because you didn’t want to be alone? Are you settling because you don’t want to put your relationship history under the microscope? But settling can also happen in your work life. Maybe your boss or colleagues have pointed out […]

Test Your Stress Creep with 10 Quick Questions

Are you suffering from stress creep? Discover how to nip it in the bud! You know what it’s like when you’re down to the wire on a project and suddenly that jolt of adrenalin kicks in and gets you to the finish line?  That’s stress.  In small doses, stress can give you a welcome energy […]