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The best sales stack for every type of business

Sales reps want to represent strong brands, present great products, access healthy pipelines, and share relevant content. When reps meet these expectations, organizations get something vital in return: incoming revenue that drives organizational growth. However, a seasoned sales rep will loop you in on a common problem: their sales tool stack isn’t stacking well enough. […]

3 reasons you’ll fail at scaling

Scaling is an exciting time for startups. It’s when they really get to think about the future and balance between being scrappy and being strategic. The possibilities are endless. But so are the challenges. Here are three common problems startups face on their path to scale. Hiring the wrong people When looking to scale the […]

There’s More Science in Selling: Three Skills Sellers Will Need to Keep up

Sales will always be part art and part science, and the path to success will always be a mix of both. But the science of selling is accelerating at a rapid pace, and adding more science to the sales process requires new ways of thinking and new ways of executing from your salesforce. Organizations must […]

How to create a great buying experience for your prospects

Let’s say you need to buy new tires for your car. You spend time researching, find the right ones, and head to the store to buy them. When you get there, someone tries to upsell you on more expensive tires and keeps you chatting much longer than you wanted. Even when you’ve told him that […]

3 major lessons marketing can take from sales

We marketers often think of ourselves as all-knowing beings. Mention a product, and we know its unique selling propositions. Name a brand, and we can tell you what it stands for. We bring in the leads, and count on sales to follow up. But as customer behavior in the B2B scene changes, there is an […]

Sales Consultants are the New Reps

We live in a world where customers spend hours consuming tweets, scrolling through Facebook, conducting Google searches, and reading blogs.

Sales consultants are the new reps

We live in a world where customers spend hours consuming tweets, scrolling through Facebook, conducting Google searches, and reading blogs. Buyers are more informed by the time they talk to a salesperson, but that doesn’t mean the salesperson’s job is easy. In fact, it’s harder. The new role of sales Long gone are the days […]

The death of the saleswoman

Controversy in enterprise technology is why, in Silicon Valley, CEOs are treated like celebrities. Gucci gowns and wild parties don’t don the red carpet of Salesforce.com or Slack; instead, our celebrities throw hackathons, drive Teslas resembling the Batmobile (the Christian Bale one), and make bold market predictions. The death of the saleswoman, or in other words, saying […]

The 3 C’s of Sales Enablement

    According to sales industry thought leaders, the definition of sales enablement is constantly evolving. But to seasoned sales reps who’ve logged many a mile on the customer journey, there’s a less elegant but more honest word to describe the current state of sales enablement: confusing. Executives in charge of making sales enablement investments often have one definition, […]

Great salespeople won’t always be great managers. That’s OK.

  Front line sales managers are a jack of all trades: sales experts, strategists, coaches, mentors, psychologists, and cheerleaders. Their highest priority is making everyone around them better. This means not only recruiting, but sustaining a well-rounded team that has the tools and trainings it needs to be successful. The best sales managers make this […]