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Easy Fixes for the Top 3 Company Sales Challenges

Listen to any sales manager, business owner, or president of a small to mid-sized company and you’ll hear how they aren’t completely satisfied with their sales results. They often blame economic woes (after all it is an election year in the USA), not being able to find enough good people who are great at selling, […]

Does “Good Enough” Yield Great Results?

It’s not easy to lead a winning team. I’m not sure it has ever been, and it sure hasn’t gotten any easier lately, has it? How do we build a winning team culture? We all know that it starts at the top. It also stops at the top, doesn’t it? There’s the saying “A fish […]

Stretch Your Mind to Broaden Your Sales

Recently, I participated in a sales conference for AA-ISP. My goal was to focus on what I could learn from other participants more than on what I wanted to share during my two presentations. It was a great opportunity to hear a lot of information in a short amount of time. At the end of […]

These 2 Important Actions Will Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Last weekend, my husband and I tackled replacing a fence post that finally gave way after 18 winters of snow sitting at its base for months on end. We started with the worst part, digging out the rotted stump and the 36” deep concrete which surrounded it. It’s dirty, tedious, and hard work. Midway through, […]

3 Bad, Bad Sales Behaviors You Must Avoid

I’ve been in the buyer’s seat a lot lately. For our consulting firm, we’re looking for a new IT vendor, new equipment, graphic services, and specific supplies to support our training courses. It’s been fascinating to be sold to. Or rather I should say it’s been fascinating having sellers attempt to sell to me. I […]