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Vikas Bhatt
  August 22, 2019

9 Steps To Build Your Lead Generation Marketing Company

When it comes to attracting new prospects, a lot of marketing agencies engage in risky behavior and the worst part is that they don’t even realize it. To build a successful lead generation marketing company you need to follow a set of steps that will be discussed in this article.

As per a report, almost 90% of the marketing companies say that their source of new prospects is referrals. We agree that using referrals to your advantage is one way of being ahead in the league.

Another report shows that some agencies are including inbound and outbound strategies to kick-start their lead generation marketing company.

To push your lead generation marketing company forward, you can create effective campaigns as suggested in this article, below.

Identify Your Target Audience

There is no point in lead generation if you cannot turn them into clients who fit in your business. To ensure they are you will have to research for finding out who your target audience is.

You can look at your current customers for the same. Interview the best of them to learn about their goals, challenges, where they spend their time and the process they undertake before buying your product. And, don’t stop there.

Set Your Goals

A successful marketing campaign begins with specific goals. Generating maximum leads possible is not a goal. You need to have a number, a benchmark, for the leads, visits, conversion rates, etc. that you need to insert in the timetable.

Determine your average customer’s value for determining the number of leads you need from a particular campaign to complete your sales goal.

Then calculate how many leads your sales reps to convert into clients and use industry benchmarks for estimating the rate of conversion, along with the number of visitors you generate to fulfill those goals.

Identify Offers To Attract Your Ideal Customer

Giving free stuff online was so easy and generating leads from the same was simple, so much so, that a lot of marketers eventually got lazy. Marketers started putting less work for generating the same number of leads and it did work for a while. Prospects soon realized that not every lead magnet was equal.

This resulted in them becoming more selective with the free offers they claimed online. You cannot create a cookie-cutter offer today like you used to. You have to be original as well as helpful through your free giveaways if you expect your prospects to redeem your product/services.

Create Your Post-Click Landing Page

Now that you are sure about the offers you are going to make to the prospects, you will have to convince them that it is worth downloading. This is where the post-click landing page comes into the picture.

Since these pages are to be built as standalone, persuasive and disconnected to your website through navigation links in a footer or menu using the elements that can boost the chances of your offer getting claimed.

Design A Thank You Page

If you want to be the best lead generation marketing company to ensure that the campaign includes a thank you page and is displayed to the visitors once they claim your offer. The purpose of doing so is more than what you think. The main goal of this page is to keep the conversation with the new lead going.

How will you do it?

To begin with, let them know that they will find the resource that they are looking for now that they have filled the form. You can either make it downloadable or let them know that it will be sent to their email id.

The page should then make an attempt to take them to another resource that they might find useful, the one related to the current offer they claimed will be preferred.

Use Technology Integration

To better accomplish key goals of marketing ‘technology stacks’ (groupings of software) are used, in a marketing campaign. In this case, you can use them for helping you generate as well as manage leads more effectively.

You can use remarketing tools for visitors who aren’t converting immediately. This will serve ads on the websites that you choose and aims at drawing the visitors back to the post-click landing page so that they can reconsider your offers.

Test The Campaign

This step is very important before you run your campaign for your lead generation marketing company. You need to test both the frontend as well as backend of your marketing campaign.

Act as if you are a prospect on the way to your post-click landing page. Ensure that the links to the page are working be it in email, social media posts, etc. When looks and links are set to start interacting. Do everything from abandoning to converting and so on and then evaluate the ‘thank you’ page.

Answer these and then check the backend. Ensure your tags are working, your leads are sorted and scored properly so that your sales reps can follow up effectively. The process on both the ends should run smoothly for running a successful campaign.

Drive More Traffic

Use buyer personas for finding out where your prospects spend time online and then use your most profitable channels for cross-referring those locations. You need to focus more on the bottom-funnel metrics here.

You might have generated a few leads from LinkedIn at a high cost but these leads have the deep pockets you are looking for your lead generation marketing company. Converting them will keep your lead generation marketing agency comfortable for some time.

Also, learn to determine signs of bad traffic and steer clear of unproven PPC networks. Keep an eye on the key metrics of your campaign for determining where to shift your budget, if needed.

Analyze and Optimize

Even the best of marketers don’t get it right for the first time which is why you need to adopt analytics software for your lead generation marketing company.

When you gain insights from these tools you can optimize your campaigns, be it adding a new headline, different form and so on. The only way of getting your lead generation marketing company to achieve success is to know how your campaign is performing and then improve it accordingly.