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Heather Lutze
  June 3, 2020

Quick Steps to Building a Findable Social Media Presence

Every business nowadays has their own Social Media Presence that represents their business online. An online presence gives us a wider opportunity to have effective communication with our target audience or simply our customers. 

While there are many social media platforms available, the next big step is how do we create a Social Media presence that’s easy and accessible to our target audience?

Today, let me share with you my Quick Steps on How to Build a #Findable Social Media Presence:

Step 1: Know your audience

  • Knowing who your audience is, saves time, and makes the process easier. This helps us outline a comprehensive strategy that will reach our target audience directly and indirectly. You really have to understand your audience and who you’re selling to.

Step 2: Choose your Platform

  • After finding your audience, you now have an idea of where to find them and where they hang out. This will help you decide in which direction you are going to start. Each social media platform has its own audience and users as well, you just need to match with them. Younger audiences tend to be on Tiktok nowadays and older groups are starting to explore Instagram compared to before. Linkedin is a perfect place if you are doing business with the working professionals and business owners alike. Make sure to choose the best platform for your business!

Step 3: Plan your Goal

  • After defining your platform, now is the time for you to reach out to the audience that you have. Remember that you always need to plan for your goal because this will be your map and your performance checker. It’s important to know your goals and objective for your business before posting anything to your social media. This is also the part where you decide who you’ll be and what solutions you are solving for your audience.  This will help you to convey a clearer message. 

Step 4: Create Visually Great Content

  • Once you have set your goal, this will serve you as your guideline in creating and planning your content. Your business branding plays a major role in this step as it will be the template for your feed. Curating visually appealing content adds a big factor in encouraging your audience to react and engage with your content. Consistency on your content may be based on the visual pattern of your feed and the time/day you upload your contents can create a huge difference in your business. The cohesive representation of your content in your social media makes it more attractive to your audience.

Step 5: Optimize your content

  • Given that everyone uses social media these days, we should never forget that we really need to optimize our content to get the highest chance of success in making your business Findable online. Optimizing means you are using the keywords that go with your niche or business. Research the keywords you want to be found for and think about how you want your ideal customer to find you. Think of what your audience is looking up on keywords search or Google and incorporate that into your content. 

Being #Findable means your business can be easily found everywhere. With the current trend with everyone being home and spending most of their time online. 

Have you checked if your business has a social media presence? If not, NOW is the best time for you to UPDATE and make it easier to be found!

There is no reason to hide, make it convenient for your audience to find you.