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Michael Cohn
  May 31, 2020

Striking a Balance Between Creativity and SEO

Every business needs content. It is the heart of communication and it is the way that you reach others, start to build relationships, and keep others informed of how valuable your brand is and how much it can benefit them.

Creating a balance between your creative content and SEO

Before you start to write a single word, it is important to have as deep an understanding of your target audience as possible. Once you have acquired that knowledge, you will need to choose the most appropriate topics for that audience. Part of your research should be listening to your target audience (or potential target audience) to discover what they want to read because of its relevancy, appropriateness, and value.

Make intelligent use of keywords

Keywords are essential. If you are not sure about which keywords to choose, you can start by using keywords that are a part of your niche or industry. You may not get the search results that you totally want the first time around but it will probably bring you closer to your desired results and you can drill down a few times and find what you are looking for.

Your search results will include all sorts of interesting things, including articles written by other people that you will probably want to expand upon and discuss those topics in greater detail. You will probably be able to determine the comfortable “voice” that other people like to read and you can certainly duplicate that in your own content. The more you research, the greater your chances will be to pinpoint the topics that you choose for your content over time.

Check out how your competitors are doing

If you can get an understanding of what your competitors are doing well and what they are not doing well, you can learn a great deal. You should start by reading what they are posting. You will probably see a pattern of topic choices. You should look for gaps in their writing. If you can identify those, you can write on a similar topic and fill in those gaps with your writing. That information can prove to be invaluable to you. Another thing that you will want to check out is the analytics of your competitor’s content.

You will want to look at which articles are the most popular, which articles get the most clicks and social shares, etc.

Make sure that you perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) properly

Of course, you must combine your most creative efforts with SEO in mind. That in no way detracts from your creativity or your creative process. It is important for you to satisfy your SEO needs because, without that, nobody will find you online.  Some of the aspects that you will want o focus on are: Overall score, readability of the content, number of words, targeted keywords, recommended keywords, effective headline, and the possible presence of plagiarism.


When you first start to consider how to successfully make sure that your creativity and effective SEO exist together, you may feel that it is not possible. You may not even think that the two make sense together. However, as you go through the process, you will see that they can work together effectively. Just don’t lose sight of your creativity as you start to focus on SEO. If you follow the advice that is given here, you will succeed at combining them in a way that works very well together.

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