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Vikas Bhatt
  August 27, 2019

Tips For Creating Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

Account-based marketing campaigns are specific campaigns run by marketing teams for a particular account. An account here refers to a specific business or contact. Many B2B providers and brands, stand by the proven results of account-based marketing (ABM) as against their other marketing strategies.

If you are reading this article, I am sure it is because you are looking for a tip or two about creating your ABM campaign. However, before we go ahead with the topic, let us quickly understand, what elements and factors need to be considered while formulating an ABM campaign and why are these campaigns run.

ABM campaigns are affected by factors like content, ABM marketing strategies, Offers, social media platforms, networking, etc. These campaigns are run by the marketing departments to build a rapport with the prospects, paving the way to the sales process.

Here are some of the tips to effectively create ABM campaigns that revolve around the elements that also affect account-based marketing campaigns.

Creating Customized Strategy And Offers

Marketers aim at achieving various goals via the ABM campaigns they run. While working towards their goals, they strategize plans and customize offers. However, one of the keys to planning and executing an ABM campaign successfully is to for the marketers to be well aware of who they are targeting and what are their needs. One of the best tactics is to keep your current customer base strong and replenished so that they keep coming back to you.

The second option is to target new businesses and brands.
Leverage the information about your customers to create customized strategies and offers. This will not only nurture your relationship with your top customers but will also open up a window of mutually beneficial relationship wherein you may hope to partner with them for case studies, webinars or conference presentations.

Make Social Media Interaction A Must For Account-Based Marketing campaigns

Social media presence is a must today. Hence it is not surprising to see many B2B clients and domain players active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

This makes social media platforms an enabler that makes direct access to your audience easy and possible. In the context of ABM marketing, social media acts as a lead generation tool that will help you, as marketers to develop a solid list of prime ABM target accounts and main contacts.

You can conveniently optimize these leads to connect with your target audience to understand what they are talking about to be able to customize offers for them. ts and start paying attention to what they say. It’s crucial your first step be listening.

Following your prospects on social media also opens up the avenue for you to interact with your prospects by replying to them, re-tweets and shares, or even by directly messaging them.

Customized Content

Understand that account-based marketing campaigns are all about targeting high-value clients. Content customization for such clients goes a long way. The reason for this is the niche category that ABM clients belong to. Content produced for them, specifically adds that “only for you” element.

This would also make for an amazing pitch. Imagine you are pitching for an organization that deals with medical equipment. If you take along a dossier or a report made on what the competitors have that they don’t and analysis about the same, would it make an impact? It surely will, adding to the “impression” value as well.

The Magic Touch Of Emails

It is an established fact that emails are still one of the strongest tools for reaching out to the target audience. I need to think back and score your memory for that one time when you saw an email addressed to you, personally and you failed to open it. It never happened or rarely did, if at all.

This is the power of personalized emails. ABM teams must keep a track of the people who figure in the decision-making process of a business. This will help them in the personalization of the emails, not only in terms of the email address but also relevance.

Network To Personify The Face Behind The Brand

The digital world has made everything virtual for us. Yet we cannot stop looking for that human touch for verifying authenticity. Account-based marketing deals with single or multi-entity businesses as a market. However, behind the business, which is the concept and the profit-making unit, there are people who make decisions and take a call on getting B2B providers on board for services and products or for refusing.

It is therefore suggested marketers focused on account-based marketing meet up with target contacts in-person to cultivate a relationship that will positively impact them in their working relationship

Leverage On Look-Alike Modeling

Begin by analyzing your current customers and analyze which one of them is able to bring the highest ROI? They must be doing something extremely right and therefore should be considered a model to be followed.

Research about the companies that are almost like yours, in terms of size, industry, human resource size and most importantly customers following on LinkedIn, ROI, etc to name a few would be a great thought to start with. A thorough study will help on working out the look-alike model for your own business.

Let Your Content Speak About Others During Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

This is probably as much a feel-good factor for those mentioned as it is for you since your content mentioning your prospect will mean that you shall be noticed.

In case your website content has an interview to be published and that happens to be of your prospect, you can imagine the prospects that such an interaction will open up.

Account-based marketing campaigns are a prerogative taken by the marketing teams, with set goals. These high-value accounts are categorized into a niche where there are few players. Hence ABM campaigns are specialized and specific marketing efforts, focused on giving the sales teams an absolutely worked out client for closure.