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Katy Goshtasbi
  March 5, 2020

Why Branding in the Music Industry Isn’t Just Making Music

Most artists are in the “business” because they love to make music. This makes complete sense to me. However, most of these same artists are often frustrated and upset when they discover that making music isn’t always enough to build a raving fan base and become better known and heard as a musician. Let’s discuss why branding in the music industry isn’t just making music.

Let’s face it. You’re a serious musician and you’ve got lots to share with us through your amazing music and artistry. What a brand, right?

Actually, what brand?

I only wish your music alone was enough to brand you and get you the results you seek- fame, fortune, raving fans. Why not?

I often cite the following statistic: Up to 78% of anything you and I buy, as consumers, isn’t about the content of what we are buying, it’s about how we feel about the content. This includes your music and artistry. We buy you from an emotional place, not just based on your music content.


No purchase is initially based on logic alone. We just justify our purchase through logic- after the fact. So, while we may love your music, it has to move us in a way that triggers our impulse to buy.

How do you trigger this impulse?

Your brand is way more than just your music. Your brand has to consist of everything from your name, your wardrobe, your messaging during your sets, your nonverbal communication from the stage, your album art, your community service platform, your story of why you are an artist and so on.

So stop and ask yourself: have you taken into account most, if not all, of the items I list above? If not, why not?

I realize this is not a easy proposition. But I also want you to realize that somethings that don’t seem easy, may be easier than you think if you enlist the right support and help. You don’t have to master everything yourself. My goal is to make you stop and think about these things and then surround yourself with the right experts who care about you: the person and your band (if you have one). These experts will then open up your time so you can focus on creating music.

Want more tips and support? Check out my podcast and video series, or download my branding guide below.

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