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Ian Dainty
  May 15, 2015

B2B Sales – 3 skills that will always be needed.

No matter how many new tools we have to work with, and no matter that B2B buyers are now more than half way through their buying process before they contact you, there are three skills that all B2B sales people will always need.

They need these three skills because selling to “people” will never change.

Human nature has been the same since time began, and it isn’t going to change in any of our lifetimes.

Sure, the way they buy, and the knowledge they now have before they talk to your company has changed, but what influences them has not changed.

And yet, according to almost all studies, most B2B sales people are still not very accomplished at these skills.

And over 50% of sales are lost to the old “status quo”.

If your company is losing sales, even though you are contacting “guaranteed” buyers, then your sales people need to know these skills better.

So what are these three skills?

They are;
• Qualifying
• Handling Objections
• Closing

As such, I have put together a video on each of these skills, and what B2B sales people need to know, and how they can improve in these three mandatory skills.

If your sales people need to improve in closing more sales, then they need to watch these videos.