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Jeff Davidson
  February 21, 2017

Can One “Slow Down” Time?

Each minute holds so much potential, but they still race by quickly: The way you experience time passing each day is based on your perception. You can slow down time if you choose. How? Whenever you feel you’re racing the clock or trying to tackle too much at once, try this exercise:

Close your eyes for sixty seconds and imagine a pleasant scene, perhaps one in nature, with a loved one, or something from childhood. Let the emotions of that place and time predominate. Give yourself time for the visualization to take hold. Then open your eyes and return to your present task. You might find that the task and the pace at which you are working no longer seem so stressful.

One effective method for catching up with today is to periodically delete three items from your to-do list without even doing them. Before you shriek, consider that much of what makes your list is nonessential. If you can eliminate three items, it will rarely impact your career or life, and doing so frees up some time for yourself in the present. Nice gift.