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Michael Cohn
  May 25, 2020

Giving Your Target Audience What They Desire

You are in a human business, not only because you are a human being yourself but also because every focus that you have is on all things human. You are also in business to give other people what they want and need (at least, to the best of your ability). Of course, first, you need to figure out exactly what that is.

Establishing what your target audience wants and needs is not always so simple

Figuring out what your target audience wants and needs is often challenging. It requires that you listen to them and before you can do that, you need to establish a real connection. One important and effective way to do that is by meeting face to face. Meetings can be a very positive experience if they are presented in the right manner, with a compelling approach and valuable ideas.

One of the important reasons why your target audience members attend your meetings (with or without presentations) is that they are having some issues with their own business that they are not sure how to resolve. They are turning to you to help them resolve whatever that issue is. Whatever help you are offering should be substantial enough to not only follow through but it should also allow your target audience to fix what needs to be fixed on a relatively permanent basis. Communication is key as well. As you are guiding them, you will want to be as clear as possible so that they understand precisely what they need to do to make it work.

Emphasize the importance of milestones and timelines

Your guidance to your target audience members should include milestones and timing. Every person who is trying to accomplish any sort of goal needs a roadmap to do that. The roadmap (or blueprint, if you will) will help the person successfully go from Point A to Point B and so on. Another concept that should be built into the roadmap is action-consequence. If the person does not reach the milestone successfully (because of something that he or she did or did not do), there will be some consequence.

It is important to understand that consequence is not synonymous with punishment. It is just that if the person doesn’t put forth his or her best effort, he or she will not reach that milestone in the way and at the time that is needed. After all, as much progress needs to be made as possible on a consistent, regular basis. Spinning wheels is just not an acceptable outcome for anyone.

Positive attributes of a successful meeting

If you run a successful meeting, that means that you have incorporated certain attributes into that meeting that go a long way to making it work.

  • Objectives: You will want to make sure that your meeting objectives are clear, concise, and on time.
  • Agenda: Your agenda should be well organized and the action items should be obvious and accomplishable.
  • Leader: Whether you are the leader or someone else assumes that role, the leadership should be controlled, on time, and focused.
  • Results: As they always say, “Keep your eye on the prize.” In other words, your attitude should always reflect the end goal that you have in mind.
  • Decision-makers:  If you are not the decision-maker in the meeting, whoever is that person should speak up and everyone else in the meeting should respect his or her position and his or her decision(s).

View your meeting as an opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas

Meetings hold a great deal of value but to some extent, you get out of them what you put into them. A meeting is a great opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences, and knowledge. It is also a great opportunity to discuss issues and potentially get some resolution. In some cases, in-person meetings are more effective than online meetings. You may find that the face-to-face contact lays fertile ground for all sorts of exciting results. Chemistry can be positively magical.

You never know what might happen when you put different combinations of people together and encourage them to talk to each other. Because there is so much diversity among people (in the way that they think, feel, culturally, etc.), they are bound to come up with novel ways to approach any given situation. One thing that is necessary for that situation is that everyone needs to come with an open-minded attitude and to be excited by the prospect of learning something (or many things) new every time.


Doing your best to fulfill the needs and wants of your target audience members is your main goal in business. You want to “sell” them on your ideas and your offerings but you also want to help them to solve whatever issues they are experiencing; offer them a way to consider something in a refreshing, creative way; and show them the way to make considerable progress with their own business.

Always keep them engaged and make them understand clearly that you are there to do whatever you can to make their lives easier. The connection that you establish with them is an emotional one and you must show them your human side upfront. If you can accomplish all of that, they will return to you many times over and they will respect you and be excited by whatever you are offering to them.

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