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Kadansky Connie
  May 27, 2020

To Prospect or Not to Prospect? That is the question!

Salespeople are in a quandary. During this crisis, should they be proactively prospecting?

Answer: It depends!

Is your product or service considered to be a First Responder?

When the house is on fire, the first responder runs to help. Some products/services are entirely appropriate to proactively promote, for example, medical supplies and testing, technical solutions, marketing messaging services, crisis management, human resources, financial services, insurance, public relations, complex problem-solving answers, attorneys, investor relations, recruiters, the list goes on.

If a house is on fire, certain products/services can wait. You don’t try to sell the fire-fighter a promo product. The promo product salesperson is proactively adding value to the PR and crisis management firm.

What do your prospects need right now? If they need money to stay afloat and are scrambling to get credit lines and loans and you don’t provide anything close, give space. Work on developing your plan for the future re-build and re-bound.

What tools are you developing to be of more exceptional service and value to your clients/customers?

Consider this your call to action…

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“Connie spoke to the National Speakers Association of Arizona. Her topic – You are the Differentiator: How to Promote Yourself Most Effectively – was exceptional. Connie gave us great information about identifying sales call reluctance and how to put yourself front and center with prospects. Members had nothing but good things to say about Connie. I recommend her as a speaker, coach and trainer.”