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Kadansky Connie
  November 29, 2017

When NOT prospecting becomes more painful than prospecting

There comes a time, when all salespeople emotionally reconcile to the fact that their fate is in the hands of their prospecting activity.

Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like it is too late.  The habit of procrastination and the negativity has built up so much that it is hard to shift your self-image when it comes to successful prospecting.

However, it is never too late to take responsiblity and do the internal work it takes to develop prospecting skills!

The four steps to overcoming Sales Call Reluctance are:

Aware:  Become aware that you are not prospecting.  Your appointment calendar reflects lack of appointments and your bank account balance is not something you are proud of.

Assess:  Take a complimentary http://excepti3.wwwls26.a2hosted.com/services/workshop-training/your-prospecting-ekg-complimentary/  or invest dollars and time into taking the SPQ assessment that measure for Sales Call Reluctance. Find out which of the 16 types of Call Reluctance are interfering with your prospecting success.  (Talk to Connie Kadansky at 602-997-1101)

Admit:  Surrender to the fact that your Call Reluctance is costing you big bucks and you are going to stop hiding, denying and suppressing it.  It is okay to experience Call Reluctance!  It is learned behavior and you can unlearn it.

Apply: Proven techniques to Overcome your fear of prospecting.  There is not just one generic solution.  There are several solutions that are prescribed, depending on the type of call reluctance you are experiencing.

Please feel free to register for the upcoming webinar on How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance! https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5208480422035165953

A seasoned top sales producer was experiencing such a terrible bout of call reluctance that he started looking for another job.  His last ditch effort was to admit his call reluctance and get specific coaching.  He emailed this message today “I feel like I accomplished more this week than I have for quite a while.  It is amazing what you can achieve.  I am excited to share my progress.”