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Katy Goshtasbi
  April 4, 2016

Dramatic or Pragmatic? What’s Your Brand?

When I was a kid, I had a lot of drama. I mean I could have won an Oscar weekly for my brilliant portrayal of a small, cute, middle-eastern, toothless (yes, I lost my teeth early and didn’t get them until much later) girl, who had it going on!

As I grew up and evolved out of the practice of law, I realized the drama in my life had to go, too. After all, the drama wasn’t adding more to my brand. It was in fact, detracting from it. Letting go of my drama was not easy. I didn’t realize how much my drama was who I was “being” until I was letting it go. I tried to look at it like I was shedding a coat that no longer fit me. The trouble was, it didn’t feel like I was shedding a coat that I no longer wanted. It felt like I was being stripped of my identity and my comfort zone.

How did I do it? Well, like all things in brand development, it required self-awareness. I had to stop and really look at each moment in my life. I had to ask myself if I was being genuine and coming from the heart or had an ulterior motive that required me to force others to “look at me”.

What I was left with when I shed much of my drama (I am always working on being completely drama-free) was FREEDOM. I no longer felt the need to huff and puff so much at others and at my own life. This meant I didn’t blame others (to their face or under my breath) for my life and what was wrong with me. I wasn’t a victim anymore.

Not being a victim allows me to be pragmatic. Things that happen in my life don’t hurt so much anymore. When someone says something to me or does something “mean” to me, I’m ok with it. I check the drama at the door and look at the situation pragmatically. I say to myself, “Isn’t that interesting?” instead of “how dare you?” I’ve come to realize these types of situations aren’t really about me, but about the other person’s outlook on life and people.

Being pragmatic leaves me with a great brand: I’m more self-confident, happy and compassionate.

So what does this mean for you? Stop and ask yourself:

How much drama do you choose to have in your life? Why?
If you could change one view point you have on others, or on yourself, what would it be and how would it make your life more drama-free?
Who is the most pragmatic person you know and what about them works for you? How can you do this for yourself?
How would your brand change if you had less drama in your life and instead had a more pragmatic outlook?