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Stephen Willis
  May 28, 2016

Finding the Right Person to Write Your Website


In today’s digital marketing, finding a professional to write your website is essential. Your website is the hub of all your on-line interactions and will likely serve as a customer’s first impression of your business. I always tell my clients that a well written website should give you a foundation to build the rest of your marketing on.

A good website will:
  • Build trust with your audience (ethos)
  • Appeal to your target market to draw them in (pathos)
  • Convert web visitors into leads (logos)

Unless you or someone on your team is an experienced content writer, hiring a professional to write your website is definitely a necessity if you want it done right. But with scads of writers popping up all over the place, how can you tell which one will be right for your business?

Contrary to what you may think, a writer’s experience in your industry doesn’t matter.

While finding a writer who has lots of experience in your industry can be a great, it can also hold you back. Writers are by nature, good researchers. The two go hand in hand. So when searching for a copywriter, it is more important to focus on their skill-set as opposed to how much they know about your industry. If your product or service is highly technical, provide a handful of resources to give them a better understanding of what you do. A good copywriter will be able to take that information and create compelling content for your website regardless of the experience they’ve had in your industry.

A Copywriter must be able to build empathy with your audience.

For anyone to write a compelling work of copy, they must first understand their audience. Your copywriter should seek to understand the problem or argument going on in your customer’s mind; and then write your website to answer that problem. Connecting with your audience is all about word choice. When it is done right, your website’s content will build trust and draw on your customer’s emotions to convince them to buy.

Since writing websites is a highly creative endeavor, every writer is going to bring their own ideas and flair to the table. When looking at a prospective writer, take a look at their prior work. Does their style match your brand or industry? In most cases, a professional writer will be able to adapt their style to fit your website. Even so, it is good to see what other websites they’ve written to help you determine if they are a good match.

Choosing the right person to write your website is crucial. After all, it is the most important marketing material in your business’ arsenal. That’s why it is so important to make sure you are communicating effectively with your content writer. Be sure to share details that set your company apart from the competition. Be clear about what problems your product or service solves and share anything that may help them craft a story about your business. The more information you share, the better your writer will understand your business, and the better the end product will be.

Looking for a professional to write your website? Get in touch to discover how I can help your business deliver a stronger message to your audience!

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Source: Stephen Willis