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Heather Lutze
  February 16, 2021

How To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate?

We spend a ton of money on our website, branding, and social media. Let’s make sure they actually have something to do once they get there. That’s what we’re going to talk about today, increasing your conversion rate.

I think our dream as a business owner is that every single person who comes to our website will take some kind of action. Whether it is signing up for your newsletter, follow you on social media, read your content, or subscribe to your blog.

We have all kinds of things we want them to do on the very first visit. I liken that to… I’m on a first date and about 20 minutes in after the appetizers you ask me to get married. That does not make for a good user experience.

Then I make my emergency text to my friends so I can get out of the restaurant. You have to understand that that’s not necessarily what the visitor wants to do, so when you are trying to improve your conversion rate you don’t want to do the opposite by chasing a potential customer off. 

Snackable Moment 

It’s what we want them to do, you have these micro snackable moments. A snackable moment is every time they visit the website, they get a little piece of the website. 

Let’s talk a little bit about what it means to build and plan a website for increased conversion. When I say conversion, I mean they do something when they get there. Which is always better than them running away screaming. 

Bounce Rate

If you look at your Google Analytics and you have a high bounce rate. What bounce rate means they come to the website they don’t go to any other pages and then they leave. Because they’re not finding anything that’s really meaningful to them.

Remember it takes the average person about 1 minute to come to your site and decide if they want to look around so this is where you want to make sure to grab them and pull them in.

Personality Indicators

What’s important here is that when people are skimming websites that they understand exactly where to go. There’s something called a personality indicator. Personality indicators are, “Who are you? Are you a small business owner? Are you a solopreneur? Are you a fortune 500 with the marketing team?” 

If you look at my website, right on the front page there are my 4 Personality Indicators so when potential customer comes to my website they can identify themselves by what they do. My 4 personas are CEO, Marketing Director, Web Designer, or Entrepreneur. They self-identify and go to that page that relates to their needs. 

One of my favorite sayings is “Bring them into church and then convert them, what that means is they are looking for one thing and they come in and you say, you may think this is what you are looking for, but let me show you why I think it is different.  Most clients don’t even know that they need you, until they need you, does that make sense?


When we talk about consistency it is related to adding contents to your website regularly. It’s like training Google to visit your website because Google knows it will get something from your website. 

I personally wanted to step-up my game so I decided to create a YouTube channel. There I upload videos regularly and link it to my website. People see my most current work and that I am on my A-game. 

I’m not just building a website and never touching it again. What happens is,Google comes to your website right after you launch it. Usually 24 to 48 hours and then grabs all the content, web crawler is the term.

Since you do this in a consistent schedule, you’re training Google to pay attention to you. The more they pay attention to you, the better you’re going to rank. 

When it comes to getting conversions when someone comes to your website, they need to see that your videos are current, your blogs are current. You are a thought leader in your field. 


I used a tool called Qzzr, you go in there and say, “What’s your website personality?” And so I came up with 3 questions for each personality. 

Now, that’s just a really simple fun thing to do. But for me, I’ve got this grading tool on my website. You put your domain name, your email address, and then your phone number. Then you’re instantly able to get a score. 

People love a score. Then I collect those email addresses and then I remark on them. But they get something instantly and I get their email address which is great and a great way to build your lead generation. Then you’ll see here that if you really have a complicated selling process, having a map is very important. 

You’ll see here that I have what I call my Candyland map. Now, each one of these is clickable and each one is animated. They kind of shake a little bit. That as people are going through it. 

As soon as people ask me “How do I work with you?” I immediately take them to the map and I walk them through the process. Whether it’s attending a retreat; whether it be hiring us for private coaching or bringing us into work with your marketing team, it’s the same process for everybody we work with. 

Trust Indicators

Then finally as you come down here, there’s credibility icons. Now, these credibility icons are called trust indicators. A trust indicator is where I can just scan over those and I can see that you are someone who knows their stuff. 

Don’t fill up the whole page with icons. That’s so irritating. It’s almost like you’re beating your chest and saying, “Pay attention to me!” I want you to think about the fact that you can have these icons but put them lower on the page. 

Also, you know make sure that I can find your phone number. That’s the best thing you could possibly do, and of course, contact us right there as well.

When you’re thinking about conversion, remember it’s not about you. It’s about remembering that when people visit the website, they’re all showing up at a different level in their decision-making process. 

Make sure when you look at your website that you’re identifying “Yes, I’ll have this. Yes, I want that. Yes, I’ll have this.” So, look at the yeses and see how many yeses do you have. If the contact paid is the only yes, then you’ve got some work to do. 

If you have a website or you’re getting ready to build a new website, let’s talk. You can sign up for a Discovery Call

I’ll get on the phone with you for an hour and we’ll take a look at your website and see maybe why is it you’re not getting those conversions that you really want. 

You’ll leave with that meeting with a report on how to tighten up your website technically. All the keywords that you currently rank for. Then some strategic tips and tricks on how to improve your website right away.