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Beth Kennedy
  January 1, 1970

Is Book Publicity Really Worth It?

Are Book Publicity Campaigns Worth the Money?

Have you ever heard someone ask the question, “Is book publicity worth it?” If you’re a self-published author or publisher, it’s likely on your mind too. Because the price of book publicity is an often-discussed topic in the publishing industry, it’s a question – and expense – many people consider. For a book to become widely read, people need to find out about it. Therefore, the media coverage generated by publicity campaigns is regarded by many as essential. Interviews on television and radio and articles in magazines and newspapers (and their websites) help interested readers discover books. But without them, the chances for success are reduced.

Publishers and authors who want answers to frequently asked questions about the value of book publicity often turn to professional book PR firms. Here at Smith Publicity, we provide marketing campaigns at various price levels. Our types of services are wide-ranging — from author support and consultations to full-fledged book publicity campaigns. We’ve seen success at all levels, and once you’ve identified your goals, there are many ways to make book publicity worth it for you. If you’re planning to publish a book for the first time, it’s especially important to find out more long before your launch.

What are the Benefits of Book Publicity Campaigns?

Book publicity is a good way for authors to promote their books.The benefits of book publicity campaigns extend to every title and genre. Promotion strategies need to be custom for every book and designed to meet your goals as the author or publisher. For many, the number-one objective is book sales, but for others, it may be about building the author’s personal profile and brand to promote a business or product. Professional book publicists and marketers work with media every day, and we are in the business of helping books become newsworthy. We also understand how to position authors as exciting subjects for interviews and articles.

Because authors and publishers can’t buy a good reputation and credible image, book publicity is worth it because it helps to shape those things. Cultivating excellent relationships with editors, producers, writers, and interviewers takes strategic outreach and media savvy. While it’s possible for an author to handle publicity personally, it would be difficult to duplicate the blend of experience, personal contacts, and knowledge of the industry as a whole that a book publicity firm has. It would be a trial and error process and would be easy to miss good opportunities, especially the first few times. Book publicity firms like ours have successful methods and meaningful relationships with hundreds of media contacts that we have developed over many years and thousands of books promoted.

Does Book Publicity Automatically Sell Books?

A local bookstore where authors can plan a book signing event. Author signing books in a bookstore.One value of publicity campaigns for books is to reach interested readers and target audiences who might buy books. Many times, publicity can help to sell copies, but it is not guaranteed. Despite the lack of assurances about sales, the value of book publicity remains significant. When the visibility of a book and its author is increased, there can be many benefits in both the short and long term. In return for the money you spend on a campaign, you should expect the people you hire to meet the goals you agreed on before the start of the project. When a team is aligned from the beginning, it leads to the most fulfilling and successful book marketing campaigns.

Whether your goals are partly or primarily about selling books, successful publicity campaigns include a mix of media relations tactics. These combine with the optimization of online book promotion and other marketing elements to raise visibility and create buzz. Because book PR is progressive in many cases, a campaign often starts with local media and builds to regional and national coverage. Virtually everything from TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines ends up online in various places. So, traditional book PR is worth it because so much of what it generates ends up online where it remains (and is searchable) forever. Think of book publicity as a marathon, not a sprint. Sure, sometimes things happen quickly, and that’s great! But oftentimes it’s a slow burn… but one that leads to many tangible and intangible benefits for your overall career as an author.

Is Publicity Worth It for a Book Launch?

Sarah Miniaci managing client book signing, BookExpo 2018. Smith Publicity client author at a book signing event at bookexpo.The value of book publicity is seldom more apparent than it is at launch time. Excellent writing about an interesting topic helps a book become popular and sell – but in the beginning, target audiences need to find out about the book. Given the dominance of the internet in life today, authors and publishers can mistakenly believe that little else is required if you put a book for sale on Amazon. But as many self-published authors can tell you, the competition is enormous, and professional publicity support can be crucial. Without it, your book can quickly become lost in an enormous sea of others.

Most experienced authors regard paid book publicity services as worth it and a valuable tool to help their books become noticed and ultimately sell. It takes various things – including an excellent cover, title, and subtitles – to help your work become successful. When budgets are tight and expectations high, it’s natural to question everything that costs money. But a credible book marketing effort can put your work at a large advantage. Anyone who asks if book publicity is worth it is posing a valid question, but upon further investigation, nearly everyone can understand the greater chances of success for books that are professionally marketed.

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