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Sander Biehn
  January 1, 2022

Making the Most of Content Marketing

We’re all overwhelmed right now. In these stressful, overwhelming times, what do people want to see on social media?  As with everything, there isn’t exactly a simple answer.

Sometimes people are looking to ‘snack’ on content and other times they want a nutritious meal. Sometimes long-form is the answer, and sometimes a quick and clever headline is all you need. Interestingly, sometimes people want content contrary to their own beliefs. Sometimes we want to learn more – we’re willing to change our minds. It isn’t always about finding the right audience, the one that already agrees with you. It’s about taking your information and making it digestible for anyone, even those who might not agree with it at the outset. And if we’re being honest, we all have the same goal: reach as many people as possible via social media.

Our experience has shown that many people turn to ‘curators’ to get the content mix they want. We all know somebody in our personal social network who’s always sharing the latest and greatest content. Instead of trying to figure out ‘how they do it,’ we simply plug into an expert curator’s newsfeed.

We need more curators to help guide us toward new, engaging content, which will guide that content toward an audience. After all, curation drives content consumption. More importantly, curation drives better efficiency in moving content to the right audiences.

This leaves us with the problem of getting more people to actively share on social media so that content can be better appreciated. Why doesn’t everyone share more on social? We know that answer already:

1. Lack of time to spend on social media

2. Worries around saying the wrong thing

3. Writer’s block

Thought Horizon’s goal is to eliminate these concerns. We want to give an authentic voice to all social users and allow them to consistently speak with their networks about what interests them most.

We spend time learning what is important to each user – both in the workplace and outside. We leverage technology to create a personalized social feed that includes content worth sharing.  We work tirelessly to give each user a unique feed and a point of view on the content that is being shared.

The problem isn’t the amount of content, but a lack of relevant content. At Thought Horizon, our goal is to help you find your voice, and in doing so, drive your product.

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