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Grant Cardone
  June 17, 2016

Raise Your Awareness on Customer Service


Look, you must exceed your customer’s expectations and deliver outstanding customer service. The greats control the service—not the customer. Don’t delegate it to someone else. Give excellent customer service before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale. See service as opportunity.

A big part of great customer service is minding your manners. Most of you know I am often very informal for a businessman but you’ll still want to leverage your manners with me. Calling me sir or Mr. Cardone will help get money in your pocket. Manners are a sign of professionalism and respect and they will boost your chances in the marketplace.

6 Quick Tips for Better Manners

1. Don’t interrupt. If you’re serving a customer don’t make the mistake of not listening to them. Make understanding them your priority. Interrupting shows disrespect and never improves the relationship.

2. Be present. Don’t be texting, answering calls or doing other things while serving a customer. The one time you don’t want to be multi-tasking is at this time—it’s multi-rudeness and will cost you multimillions. Respect the person standing before you with your full engagement.

3. Say thank you. You can’t thank customers enough. Use every tool possible to show thanks. Text the person 10 seconds after the exchange, then call, email and follow that up with a handwritten note. The message, “I just want to tell you again how much I appreciate you as a customer,” is a powerful written statement.

4. Use a surname with Mr., Sir, Ms., Miss or Mrs. No matter how well you think you know a person, calling him or her as Mr. or Mrs. shows respect and communicates you are there to serve. No matter how many times the customer says, “call me Bob,” it never hurts to continue with Mr. or Mrs.

5. Hold the door open. Don’t be the first person to walk through a doorway. Hold the door for all people no matter their position. Mannered people are responsible people who look for opportunities to be decent to others. Holding a door for a stranger is an act of kindness.

6. Provide full acknowledgment. Before responding to a customer about anything, give them full acknowledgment by repeating their remarks along the lines of, “Thank you for telling me that and I agree with you.” Just listening without acknowledgment might prompt a buyer to feel unheard and disrespected.

Use these 6 tips to stay on top of your manners. The bottom line is you need to keep learning how you can do more and more for your customers, how you can help your customers, and how you can exceed their expectations. I’ve added a new module to Cardone University—Customer Service—2 courses, 25 video segments – over an hour and a half of content with more to be added to it soon.

Customer Service now on Cardone University

If you’re on Cardone U already go check it out today, and if you aren’t yet on Cardone U yet—get on! The #1 sales training platform in the world can be at your fingertips 24/7. How bad do you want out of the middle class?

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