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Striking a Balance Between Creativity and SEO

Every business needs content. It is the heart of communication and it is the way that you reach others, start to build relationships, and keep others informed of how valuable your brand is and how much it can benefit them. Creating a balance between your creative content and SEO Before you start to write a […]

What Kind of Content Is Best for Nurture Efforts?

Content marketing and advertising — both are methods for creating positive brand associations and attracting new audiences. But only one of them guides leads throughout the sales process and creates long-term brand advocates: content marketing. According to estimates from Red Crow Marketing Inc., most Americans see between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements every day. Every social media scroll, […]

How Good Is Your Content Marketing? Answer These Questions To Find Out

Content Drives Search, Leads, Sales Opportunities And Ultimately New Customers We’ve all heard it: Content is king! You have to leverage content in almost every marketing tactic, including on your website, in your account-based marketing program, in your email marketing and now in your sales process too. Content is everywhere. We’ve also all heard that […]

How A Content Audit Can Help Your Content Marketing Produce Leads

Find The Gaps In Your Content Marketing Strategy, Then Fill Them You’ll hear it time and again: Content is king. And it is. Great content can produce qualified leads, improve organic rankings and establish credibility for your brand. However, just because content is king, that doesn’t mean all content is royalty. Because of its reputation […]

Targeting Your Content for Maximum Impact

You write amazing content and you post it for all the right people to read. Then what happens? Either your content makes a big splash or it doesn’t. If the impact isn’t there, there are things that you can do to change that. It is all in the targeting. It is all in the story […]

How to Get Prospects to Read and Engage with Your Marketing Content

This is a follow-up to my last article titled, How to Use Content Marketing to Establish B2B Thought Leadership. In that article I started with the basic and critical question: Can you be an industry thought leader? I then covered some ideas on how to find quality subjects to talk about and create marketing content that is both […]

The death of the saleswoman

Controversy in enterprise technology is why, in Silicon Valley, CEOs are treated like celebrities. Gucci gowns and wild parties don’t don the red carpet of Salesforce.com or Slack; instead, our celebrities throw hackathons, drive Teslas resembling the Batmobile (the Christian Bale one), and make bold market predictions. The death of the saleswoman, or in other words, saying […]

Social Media Content Calendar

Social Media Content Calendar: What Every Business Needs to Implement to NOT Get Burned Out or Boring. What is a Social Media Calendar? If we can create a 12-month plan ahead of time with blog post ideas, the coordinating tweets and posts, the social process becomes much easier and much more interesting. Machine Gun Style […]

Top 10 Blog Metrics You Need To Drive Leads With Inbound Marketing

The Data Is In: Companies With Active Blogs Get More Leads At Square 2 Marketing, we blog every single business day. Just yesterday, one of our blog subscribers emailed me with a request to talk to them about an inbound marketing program for their business. Don’t you love it when a good plan comes together? […]

Getting a Traditional Publishing Contract for Your Book

For many writers, the labyrinth of details involved in book publishing are as mysterious as the secrets of the ancient pyramids – and seemingly just as impenetrable! But it’s really no mystery, just a lot of common sense and hard work. Let’s break it down. Legacy publishing, or what many people call traditional publishing, is […]