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6 Tips to Track ROI of MQL in Marketing

Tracking the return of investment (ROI) of Marketing qualified leads (MQL) in marketing, is a need that fulfills a marketing department’s goal of generating quality leads. These leads often have a much higher chance of getting converted to consumers as compared to other leads which are considered simple leads Simple leads are first-time visitors who […]

7 Tips on How to Market Your Business

Marketing your business is very important, no matter what the size of your business is. However, a lot of you don’t know how to market your business which is why when the budget is tight, organizations decide to cut down their marketing expenses. This is wrong! When you don’t market your business, people might think […]

5 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Yelp

1: There’s no such thing as NOT being on Yelp. Remember back in the early days of social media where you had to create an account to get started? When it comes to Yelp, things are a little different. In an ideal world, you’ve already created your own account and claimed your business page. But […]

3 major lessons marketing can take from sales

We marketers often think of ourselves as all-knowing beings. Mention a product, and we know its unique selling propositions. Name a brand, and we can tell you what it stands for. We bring in the leads, and count on sales to follow up. But as customer behavior in the B2B scene changes, there is an […]

How to Find Royalty Free Images & Save 10K!

Why Getty Images and Google Images may NOT be the best way to get royalty free images. Problem: How do you REALLY trust and find royalty free images for online use? I had a client in a consulting business who made an innocent mistake, and it cost her an obscene amount of money, time and […]

Rocking Twitter for Your Business

Twitter may seem like an enigma to you but if that is true, it is time for you to get to know how to use it and to embrace all that it has to offer because its potential is vast. There are the basics and then there are the advanced features If you run a […]

Why Peer-to-Peer Selling Works for Everyone

Don’t let account based selling teams cold call. You know it’s true: All things being equal, we work with friends. All things not being equal, we work with friends. And when we need a specialist, we ask a friend. Account based selling teams find it increasingly challenging to reach their target prospects. No one answers […]

How to Get Prospects to Read and Engage with Your Marketing Content

This is a follow-up to my last article titled, How to Use Content Marketing to Establish B2B Thought Leadership. In that article I started with the basic and critical question: Can you be an industry thought leader? I then covered some ideas on how to find quality subjects to talk about and create marketing content that is both […]

11 Revenue Metrics You Can Use For Sales And Marketing Alignment

Marketing And Sales Are Quickly Becoming Data-Driven, Metrics-Oriented Practices It looks like sales and marketing alignment is finally becoming a reality. Most of the legacy issues preventing sales and marketing from merging into one single revenue department are dissolving. Today’s CRM systems link elegantly into the marketing platforms, so it’s now easy to track a prospect’s […]

How Digital Marketing Can Drive Your B2B Company Results

I suspect that two types of people will read this article. The first group consists of those who are fairly new to digital marketing. They need to understand how they can benefit and a few tips to get started. The second group consists of those who are participating in digital marketing, but need to improve […]