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6 Things Salespeople Should Know About Today’s Buyers

One of the greatest impacts we’ve seen the pandemic have on sales professionals is the fundamental shift it’s caused on buyer behavior. Sales teams simply can’t survive—let alone thrive—without understanding how to adapt to today’s buyers. Some of the changes, like the adoption of remote meetings, are well-known. Others are not. In our new book […]

The Era of Sales Enablement is Now

Sales Enablement is driving up Sales Effectiveness When it comes to closing deals and improving sales conversion rates, it takes a village. Sales doesn’t have time to be thinking about long term improvements, analyzing performance and assessing various productivity enhancing technologies. They are, and should be, focused on closing business this quarter. This is why […]

Micro-tasking for Effective Selling

Much as been discussed in recent years about multitasking and fortunately, much of what has been written exposes the myth that multitasking represents. Instead of making us more productive and having a greater output, we tend to slow down on the very things that were trying to speed up on, and we end up making […]

Gamification in Sales: Practical Tips for Your Gamification Projects

Gamification in Sales, defined as “the application of competition and leaderboards to motivate sales behaviors”, is a hype technology that has received extensive attention in many sales organizations over the past few years. However there are no more doubts about the benefits, gamification mechanics is often misused. Successful Gamification projects require user research and great planning.  […]

4 Ways Content Intelligence Will Transform Your Sales

B2B marketing organizations are now spending more than 25% of their budgets on the development, delivery and promotion of content to drive business. Sales reps spend about 30 hours a month trying to locate this precious content –  to ensure they have quick access to sales-driving information during their sales conversations.  Ideally, this tedious preparation […]