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Rocking Twitter for Your Business

Twitter may seem like an enigma to you but if that is true, it is time for you to get to know how to use it and to embrace all that it has to offer because its potential is vast. There are the basics and then there are the advanced features If you run a […]

Targeting Your Content for Maximum Impact

You write amazing content and you post it for all the right people to read. Then what happens? Either your content makes a big splash or it doesn’t. If the impact isn’t there, there are things that you can do to change that. It is all in the targeting. It is all in the story […]

How to Get Prospects to Read and Engage with Your Marketing Content

This is a follow-up to my last article titled, How to Use Content Marketing to Establish B2B Thought Leadership. In that article I started with the basic and critical question: Can you be an industry thought leader? I then covered some ideas on how to find quality subjects to talk about and create marketing content that is both […]

Social Media Content Calendar

Social Media Content Calendar: What Every Business Needs to Implement to NOT Get Burned Out or Boring. What is a Social Media Calendar? If we can create a 12-month plan ahead of time with blog post ideas, the coordinating tweets and posts, the social process becomes much easier and much more interesting. Machine Gun Style […]

5 Ways Inbound Marketing Helps Market To Companies You Want To Do Business With

Account-Based Marketing Is Gaining Traction, But It’s Not New Inbound marketing helps people who are looking for companies like yours. It ensures that when people start searching, they find your business. But, what if someone needs what you offer and isn’t looking yet? Don’t you want to be on their radar? Yes, you do, and there […]

Writing Tweets that Get Noticed

Once you’ve determined that the audience you want to reach is on Twitter and you know you want to use it to educate your customers and build trust, you’re ready to tweet. But how to do it within the 140-character limit in a way that actually stands out from the crowd? The following are tips […]

4 Key Metrics for Measuring Social Media Success

4 Key Metrics for Measuring Social Media Success « Goldberg Communications One of the great things about social media marketing is that it’s easy to measure the results of your efforts.  But metrics in and of themselves are only numbers. They’re useful only when you employ them to measure progress toward your business goals. In […]