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What Bewitched Can Teach Us About Changed Management

Planning and Communication Deliver Magical Results In my new book, Quotas! Design Thinking to Solve Your Biggest Sales Challenge, I describe a situation that will sound familiar to anyone who has ever initiated a change and then struggled to sustain it. A couple of years ago, I met with a sales leadership team from a […]

Level Up Your Sales Training with Mobile Gamification

Mobile gamification apps can help participants master new concepts, integrate what they’ve learned, and improve sales training outcomes Authored by Lance Tyson, President and CEO, Tyson Group and Sam Caucci, Founder and CEO, 1Huddle In the hypercompetitive field of sales, escalating goals have become the de facto standard.  We’ve never encountered an organization that says, […]

Can Being Selfish Be Good for Your Career?

While most of us consider selfishness an unsavory trait, there are times that it’s absolutely critical to watch out for number one. Like in your career!             If you want to stay happy and hopeful in your current position while you pave the way for an even better professional future it’s essential that you learn […]

Skills gap in marketing grows despite companies spending billions per year on training

According to a recent study conducted by CXL Institute, marketing leaders haven’t closed the skills gap—despite spending almost $1,000 per employee and billions annually on training. The study surveyed 462 marketing leaders across a variety of sectors, including travel, publishing, non-profit and ecommerce, who all identified that developing and retaining marketing talent is a common […]

Surprising Research About Team Communication

While it may seem obvious that teams that communicate effectively are apt to be more successful than ones that don’t, the data tells a far richer story than that. Researchers at MIT’s Human Dynamics Lab conducted multiple studies to see how the most successful teams communicate. What they learned may surprise you. One of their […]

Is Your Head Stuck in the Sand?

We usually hear the term “settling” with regard to romantic relationships. Did you settle for someone because you didn’t want to be alone? Are you settling because you don’t want to put your relationship history under the microscope? But settling can also happen in your work life. Maybe your boss or colleagues have pointed out […]

Test Your Stress Creep with 10 Quick Questions

Are you suffering from stress creep? Discover how to nip it in the bud! You know what it’s like when you’re down to the wire on a project and suddenly that jolt of adrenalin kicks in and gets you to the finish line?  That’s stress.  In small doses, stress can give you a welcome energy […]

3 Employee Engagement Ideas That Drive Growth and Company Culture

When I was in-house council I remember how hard it was for management to have good employee engagement ideas to promote a healthy culture within, and outside the legal department, at our company. It seemed like there were only so many things you could do in an 8 hour day AND still allow enough time […]

Five Ways to Blow a Sales Call in the First Five Minutes

You finally land an appointment with that coveted, ideal-fit prospect. Congratulations. Now the real work begins. We’ve all heard phrases such as, “You only get one chance to make a good impression.” Psychologists call it “thin slicing.” You meet someone and within seconds, you make a decision about their trustworthiness, status, intelligence and who knows […]