3 Tips to Becoming a Successful Mentor

Ah, the sweet smell of success! It hovers around you like a fine cologne. When you enter the room, heads turn. People gravitate toward you, clamoring for your time and attention, seeking your advice on make-or-break issues that have taken you years of experience to master. How did it come to this? When did you […]

What does it mean to be accountable?

Many people think that being held accountable is all about consequences. Accountability is not about consequences.  It is about ownership.  Accountability is a character trait, a life stance, a willingness to own your actions and results regardless of the circumstances. Accountability is “choosing to” not “having to.” “I have to prospect today.”  or “I choose […]

What if prospecting can be easier than you think?

Sales Call Reluctance is an emotional hesitation to prospect and self promote.  People who experience Call Reluctance perceive prospecting as an emotional threat. To overcome Sales Call Reluctance requires “Thought Realignment,” or changing your internal conversation around prospecting.  Ask yourself “What if” questions, for example, “What if you had an unlimited supply of ideal prospects?”  […]

Harnessing Ego for the Greater Good?

Self Confidence & Ego… can it be harnessed for noble purposes? Let’s explore the concept of ego and how it can help your legacy. Have you ever noticed that people who have reached a high degree of fame have a sense of ego, perhaps even an inflated sense of ego? I’ve observed this dynamic while working with famous […]

Top 7 Opportunites For Customer Advocacy Programs

Here are the top seven opportunities (challenges too!) for those working in the field of customer advocacy and related customer engagement programs. Needless to say, there’s never been a better time to be in this career-if you’re ambitious and enjoy the occasional whirlwind. 1. Master the Customer Journey. I don’t mean “learn.” I mean “play […]

Are These Outdated Sales Tactics Hurting You?

In the Information Age, it’s hard to believe that so many salespeople and sales managers still practice outdated ideas and methodology. Salespeople show up to meetings more focused on closing than on having a real conversation. Sales managers still teach overcoming objections and trial closes, all of which lead to superficial, guarded sales meetings with […]

Two Cold Call Case Studies: Why Your Cold Calls Aren’t Working

I believe that cold calls are quite important as part of an overall sales strategy. How they are done, however, determines their success. If the goal of the call is to gather data, share product information, start a conversation, or make an appointment, the odds are that the outcomes will be less than successful: sellers claim over […]

There’s More Science in Selling: Three Skills Sellers Will Need to Keep up

Sales will always be part art and part science, and the path to success will always be a mix of both. But the science of selling is accelerating at a rapid pace, and adding more science to the sales process requires new ways of thinking and new ways of executing from your salesforce. Organizations must […]

Mentoring & Moving-on Down the Road

Mentoring allows you to touch another person’s life by sharing the best of what you know, distilling the essence of your experience into a concentrated…

Two Ways Arrogance Kills Sales

I had the good fortune of starting in sales with Varsity Spirit Corp., a small company that now is the world’s largest in its industry. When I started with Varsity, we were the David in the “David and Goliath” story, competing with companies more than quadruple our size. With hard work, great leadership and innovation, […]