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Katy Goshtasbi
  August 16, 2018

3 Employee Engagement Ideas That Drive Growth and Company Culture

When I was in-house council I remember how hard it was for management to have good employee engagement ideas to promote a healthy culture within, and outside the legal department, at our company. It seemed like there were only so many things you could do in an 8 hour day AND still allow enough time for your employees to do their substantive work.

Fast forward 13 years, and I still hear this from my clients. Their biggest question is often, “what else can we do to promote employee engagement?” Fair question. Pat yourself on the back for caring enough to even stop and ask. That’s the first step. The answer, in my expert opinion, is to step back and think more simply. As humans, we all just want positive attention and to be loved- yes, even at work.

Here are 3 employee engagement ideas that will drive growth and culture at your business and company:

  1. Weekly stretch breaks- this involves just 10 minutes on a pre-set day and time during the week to get EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) in the same physical space, doing the same task together. This can be stretching, having tea and cookies or building gift bags for the needy. If your organization is physically spread out geographically, no worries. The point is to get as many employees together in the same, smaller physical space to bond and talk about anything EXCEPT work. We find doing so between the hours of 2-3pm works best.
  2. Monthly plant of the month- each employee is responsible for bringing in a new/different plant to the office to be displayed at the reception desk. Ideally, the display has a note telling us all about the employee, why they picked the plant and giving us some facts about the plant.
  3. Monthly show and tell- have 2 employees each month provide show and tell. You remember, show and tell from when we were all kids, right? This can happen company-wide, or within your individual groups at the start or end of your regular team meetings.

Try these three out and let me know how it works.

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