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brynne tillman
  March 24, 2016

Random Social Selling is SOOO 2015! The 9 Activities I Do Every Week.

Typically when I begin writing for my blog post I start with writing the content and back into the title. This week, I was inspired by my friend Sara Rosenberg’s post Random Networking is SOOO 2015, so with her permission I began to write.

Because I had the topic but not the idea first, I went through many iterations. I thought I would describe the backwards timeline, starting with the end in mind and developing your daily plans to get there. Then I thought SMART goals is a good direction, how to achieve your objectives in a specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound. But not of these were inspiring me. So, I really thought, what would inspire you. What could I write about that would be worth your time reading? So, here it is, I would love to hear your feedback in comments.

Random acts of social will not deliver the results you want and need to grow your business. If you added up all the unproductive hours you have spent poking around LinkedIn and other social media platforms hoping your random like or comment may actually turn into business… you are probably stuck in 2015.

Okay, so it didn’t work then, and it wont work now. The random days are over and it is time to have a plan. Here is my checklist of what I do on a daily/weekly  basis:

  1. Who’s Viewed My Profile – I check the people that have viewed my profile daily. I determine who I want to connect with (new people), who I want to re-engage (1st degree connections) and reach out appropriately.
  2. Outstanding Invitations – I look at all those who are looking to connect with me and make a decision on how to engage. I can accept the invitation and send a message asking for a phone call, I can reply to the message asking how they found you and why they think you would benefit one another’s network or I decline (rarely do I decline).
  3. Engage with Saved Searches – I create and save searches of my targeted buyers and influencers that are a 2nd degree to me. Weekly, I check this list for new opportunities, ask for introductions from our shared connections or connect directly if there is no shared connections to leverage.
  4. Company Search – I choose 5 new companies a week to add to my prospecting list and look up their company pages. I identify my 1st and 2nd degree connections and reach out appropriately.
  5. Client Referrals – I will choose one past or current client every single week, look through their connections and ask for warm introductions. There is nothing more powerful than an introduction from a happy client, and waiting for them is painful – so I make sure I pro-actively ask.
  6. Networking Meeting – Networking is the cornerstone of most business development professionals. Whether it is formal networking events or networking inside of a prospect or client, it is a skill that should be constantly honed. The most effective networking for me has been the 1:1 meetings. In this case, I offer my partner to go through my connections and choose a few people that they would like to meet, I do the same, we review the list when we are together and make introductions for one another. BTW – if you are in the Greater Philadelphia Area and are looking for more targeted 1:1 networking meetings, Sara (my inspiration for this post) is a networking matchmaker –POWERMATCH.
  7. Posting Updates – Keeping relevant content in font of your network is a powerful way to stay top of mind. I share blogs, articles and graphics that is a combination of my own content and other people’s up to 7 times a day. I do use a few tools to help me manage and track the engagement including but not limited to PeopleLinx dashboard, HootSuite and Social Cloud Suite. Be sure to share on twitter as well as LinkedIn.
  8. Publish New Content – For over 2 years, I have been blogging weekly. Without a doubt one of the most beneficial activities that I do. The key is not to just be a thought leader and subject matter expert, but to offer insights that get readers to take action.
  9. I Engage – Whether I am reaching out to people who have “liked”, commented or shared my content, content I have shared or have engaged on another post, I make sure I comment, connect, thank people every single day. The conversation is the key. Make sure you engage with others on twitter as well as LinkedIn.

Make your check list of what activity you plan to do every single day. Keep yourself accountable, consistently work the program and you will see outstanding successes with leveraging LinkedIn and Social Selling.

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