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Bill Lee
  December 14, 2016

The Top 7 Challenges (and Opportunities) in Customer Advocacy and Engagement

Based on our research, these are the top challenges–most of which also present significant opportunities–for customer advocacy and engagement programs. I say “opportunities” because that’s how leading firms are responding to many of these challenges. We’ll be addressing all of these challenges, in one form or another–and in some cases, multiple times–at the 2017 Summit on Customer Engagement (March 6-8, Redwood City, CA).

Which of these are critical to you?
1. Getting robust support and resources from senior management needed to to run a world class advocacy and engagement program.
2. Attracting passionate customer advocates sufficient numbers, and keeping them.
3. Successfully integrating our program with key stakeholders, such as  sales, marketing and others.
4. Sustaining and/or scaling our customer advocacy program, with limited budget.
5. Establishing the value of our advocacy program to senior management and stakeholders.
6. Keeping abreast of proliferating technology solutions.
7. Understanding “what’s next” in customer advocacy and engagement? What are the implications for me, my program and my career?

If you’re not already on the list, feel free to join our “keep informed” list for the Summit–I’ll keep you up to date on how we’re addressing these challenges, particularly the ones critical to you and your program.
Source: Bill Lee